Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Report: Raiders made offer to Charles Woodson

According to Bleacher Report, the Oakland Raiders have made an offer to former Packers defender Charles Woodson. Woodson started his career in Oakland, playing for them from 1998-2005. 

While I wouldn't consider this report huge news, I am happy that Woodson's at least gaining interest. Ask anyone who knows anything about football, he deserves it. He's had a Hall of Fame career up to this point that might not be over. If signed, I doubt his presence would really be noticeable on the field, but off the field I'm sure he'd be a great guy to have in that clubhouse. 

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Brandon said...

It's taken longer than I expected, but now teams are finally showing interest in him. He can play anywhere in the secondary, though he'll certainly give up a big play or two now that he's slowing down.

The Broncos need help, which was obvious to anyone who watched safety Rahim Moore "cover" Torrey Smith on their playoff game losing 70-yard touchdown reception. Also, the Raiders have turned over nearly their entire secondary, so having a veteran like Woodson, who could play safety or corner for them, would be perfect on a one-year contract.