Saturday, May 11, 2013

Woodson to NFL Network?

This week, former Packers defensive player Charles Woodson appeared on the NFL Network twice. Once to talk about how he's still a free agent, and another time to talk about who he thinks is the best player in the league right now. As of now, Woodson hasn't shown any interest in becoming a TV analyst, but that didn't stop rumors from getting out. In response to the rumors, NFLN released this statement:

"NFL Network is always on the lookout for former NFL players who have an on camera presence and bring passion and energy to analysis of the game," said Alex Riethmiller, vice president of communications-NFL media, on Friday. "We’ve worked with Charles in the past and certainly feel he has a future in sports television should he choose to pursue that path when he is done playing."

In my opinion, Woodson should just retire and join the network. Because let's be honest, he has a better shot at becoming an analyst right now than remaining a player. 

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Brandon said...

Woodson can still play, he recently made the list of the top 100 players on NFL Network, as voted on by the players. My guess is that he's looking for a deal like the Texans gave to Ed Reed (three years, $15 million) and he's not finding it. He could probably find a backup role for $1 million if he wanted one.