Thursday, May 02, 2013

Report: Dolphins won't sign Tebow

This news isn't that surprising, but you know it interests you. According to, the Miami Dolphins will not sign free agent QB Tim Tebow. After Tebow was cut by the Jets earlier this week, many analysts expected a team like Miami to be interested, but it appears they were wrong, again.

In another incident earlier this week, I remember hearing an ESPN NFL analyst(don't remember his name) say that winning teams like the Patriots and Packers should want to sign him. He said that since those teams already have their futures set up, they should attempt to bring up another guy. And I gotta say, as terrible as Tebow is, I would have no problem with that. He wouldn't really play at all, since Graham Harrell is obviously a better guy to backup Rodgers. But he'd be fun to watch in the preseason. And if he wasn't, at least he'd still be helping ticket sales.

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