Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vikings' Webb to become full time WR

According to, Vikings backup QB Joe Webb will become a full time wide receiver. Webb started last year's NFC Wild Card game for the team in Green Bay after starter Christian Ponder got hurt, losing 24-10. 
This move is likely being made due to Webb's inability to throw the ball at a moving target, his speed, and the recent signing of former-Chief Matt Cassel. While I'm no Viking fan, this move should definitely help the team compete for the NFC North in 2013. We all saw how fast he is when he finds a hole, so imagine what he'll do when he doesn't have the ball. 

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Brandon said...

He isn't a quarterback. Anyone that watched their playoff loss could see it. He gave them no chance to win and this was after he'd been working as an NFL QB for three seasons. He was inexperienced but he shouldn't have looked that bad. The Vikings probably made the decision months ago, they moved pretty quickly to sign Matt Cassel, but they had no reason to announce it until the first offseason camps began.