Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Packers Sign Two More Tryout Players

I wrote a little about the first three tryout players who were signed over the weekend, and here are two more undrafted rookies signed by the Green Bay Packers.

LB Donte Savage, New Mexico State. If you're looking for this year's Dezman Moses, a former college DE who makes an impression as a pass rushing outside linebacker, Savage could be the guy. His Pro Day Results and college stats (3 sacks last season) were not too impressive, but he obviously stood out in person over the weekend at their rookie orientation camp.

LB Jarvis Wilson, Prairie View A&M. And another Dezman Moses-type college defensive end. It looks like he played linebacker and defensive end in college, but it doesn't matter because he'll be playing linebacker for the Packers. Wilson didn't have a lot of sacks in college either.

The addition of Savage and Wilson brings the total number of linebackers up to fourteen, but that's not really a lot for the Packers since they've known to keep up to ten linebackers on the 53-man roster for the start of the regular season. Five of those fourteen are rookies, who aren't guaranteed a roster spot, so there's an opportunity if either player can stand out in training camp.

The Packers are currently paying three inside linebackers (Hawk, Bishop, and Jones) as starters, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see the Packers release one of them this preseason. Depending on how the final roster develops, Savage and Wilson might have very good chance of making it, or at least on the practice squad, because there could be fewer veteran linebackers to compete against.

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