Monday, December 16, 2013

Reaction: Packers put together epic rally to stun Cowboys, 37-36

Words can't describe the way we should all feel right now. Because as you probably know, yesterday the Packers, despite trailing 26-3 in the third quarter, came back to stun the Cowboys, 37-36, keeping their playoffs hopes alive. All I can say is: this game is one that will be remembered forever. The Pack really needed this one, and they got it. So now they're 7-6, they got Cobb and Rodgers ready to return, and they're facing a winnable schedule. In my opinion, it has become obvious: this team is very good and will win the NFC North this season. They may not do it until Week 17, but they'll definitely do it. 


Brandon said...

It will very memorable. It's not like winning the championship but it's a "you remember where you were" type of game. I'm showing my age, but it reminded me of a game in 1989 when the Majik man pulled off an epic comeback out of nowhere against the Saints. It was a similar situation, except at Lambeau, with the Packers down 24 to 7 at halftime and outscored them 28 to 10 in the second half to win 35 to 34.

PackFaninFl said...

Brandon, my goodness! I can remember it just like yesterday, Jeff Query catching that 4th and 17 (was it 17?) pass like it was just yesterday! Tippy-toeing along the sidelines for a first down.

One of my all time favorite Packer teams, that 1989 team as absolutely "Majik-al"!