Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sorry Matt Flynn, you rallying the Packers to a tie didn't actually win them the division

Ever since the Packers beat the Bears on Sunday to win the NFC North, all I've read on the internet and heard on TV is that Matt Flynn's rallying the Packers to a tie last month was a big reason why the Pack were able to win the division. Well, unfortunetally, that's simply not true. I guess it makes a good story, but again, it's not true. 

Why? Because had Green Bay lost that game, they still would've finished 3-3 in divisional play and 8-8 overall, better than the Bears 2-4 divisional record. So yea, I guess 8-7-1 is better than 8-8, but no, the tie didn't help the Packers the slightest bit. Now Matt Flynn did contribute to the team's successful regular season, rallying them to beat the Falcons and Cowboys in consecutive weeks, but he didn't in that particular contest. 

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Brandon said...

I hadn't thought about the Bears awful record against the NFC North. Their only wins were by one point against Vikings in week 2 and the Rodgers-less game in Lambeau. The defining play of their season was the botched coverage on 4th down during Cobb's TD pass (everyone played zone, except Wright who leveled Nelson on a non-call, when they should have been playing man to man) but their NFC North losses are what cost them the division title.