Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Charles Woodson signs 1-year deal with Raiders

Finally, all this drama is over. In case you didn't hear, the Raiders, the only team who actually wanted Charles Woodson, have signed him to a 1-year deal. Woodson spent the first 8 years of his career in Oakland followed by 7 in Green Bay. 

While I'm happy our old friend finally found a home, I don't care a ton about this. In the upcoming season, Woodson probably won't play much or have a legitimate effect on the team. So again while I'm happy for him, this stuff isn't news. All the Raiders did was sign a guy nobody wanted.

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Brandon said...

Charles was a great Packer so I'm glad to see he's been able to continue his career. The money's not big ($1.8 million, incentives up to $4.3 million) but if he's a 16 game starter, then he'll be paid like one. It's also a great fit for both team and player. Woodson knows the organization (and GM McKenzie) and the Raiders have a ton of holes in their secondary.