Sunday, May 05, 2013

Eddie Lacy's confidence: Good or Bad?

Earlier this week, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel published a piece that, while not big news, interested me. Apparently their recently drafted new running back, Eddie Lacy, believes he can do "anything." Here's his quote:

"I'm a bigger guy, a tough runner, a physical runner," Lacy said. "That's just natural. But I'm also shifty and I can make defenders miss and also break long runs. I just feel like I can do anything."

Now while it's great to see the guy thinking he can help the team, I'm worried that statements like that could be become reality. The NFL and the NCAA are two completely different types of football. It's not as easy to fake out a professional who's been playing for 10+ years. And since he's no stranger to injuries, I don't want him accidentally hurting himself and making the Packers regret drafting him.


Brandon said...

I think it's great. He won't succeed on every play. He's got to believe in himself and get right back at it after a setback.

Andrew Schultz said...

I agree with Brandon. You're not going to succeed if you don't have confidence. Would you rather he say: I'm decent, but these dudes have been playing for ten years in the league and are probably going to have my number. C'mon man.