Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Does McCarthy still want Raji and Pickett?

Well, right now it definitely appears that way. Just check out this quote I recently found in the Milwaukee JS:

"We're looking to sign those guys (Raji and Pickett) back, but we'll see what happens," McCarthy, who, let's keep in mind, is the team's Coach, not it's General Manager, said. "Those decisions, a lot of those will be financial. That's really not practical to keep them all."

So yea people, it now appears that, maybe, just maybe, the Packers will waste some of their surplus money this offseason. They might not, but C'Mon, that first sentence is pretty clear, isn't it?

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Brandon said...

When McCarthy is asked about re-signing this or that player, his answers are usually pretty standard. But he does have a couple levels of standard contracts. Some guys he says he'd "love" to have back, but Pickett and Raji came up short of that level of standard.