Saturday, February 15, 2014

Former Packer Van Roten signs with Seahawks

After being released by the Packers earlier this week, former Penn Offensive Lineman Greg Van Roten has signed a one-year deal with the Seahawks, reports. Van Roten, as I said a couple of days ago, has played each of his first two NFL seasons with Green Bay, so yea, it kinda sucks to see him go to a conference rival. 

Still, I guess I could care less about this news. Let's face it, Van Roten probably won't even make the team out of training camp, so it's a safe bet that, by the time September comes around, this signing won't even matter.

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Brandon said...

That was pretty quick. Still, I'm not too sad to see them part with a player who had trouble staying healthy. The Seahawks have some depth on their line, so it'll be hard for him to stick on their roster either.