Monday, September 29, 2014

An Early Look At the Season's Final 12 Games

Before I say anything, I'll admit it's a little early to assume the Packers will have any real success this year. Nonetheless, since yesterday's blowout of the Bears was obviously pretty fun to watch I have no problem at least making a guess right now, so yeah, here are my predictions for the team's final 12 games. Please respect them:

1. Week 5 vs Vikings: Easy win 

2. Week 6 at Dolphins: Close, but a win

3. Week 7 vs Panthers: Should be a 14+ point win; Not necessarily an easy one, but still a W

4. Week 8 at Saints: A close loss

5. Week 10 vs Bears: Easy win

6. Week 11 vs Eagles: Close, but a win

7. Week 12 at Vikings: Close, but a win

8. Week 13 vs Patriots: Easy win

9. Week 14 vs Falcons: Easy win

10. Week 15 at Bills: Easy win

11. Week 16 at Buccaneers: Close, but a win

12. Week 17 vs Lions: Should be a 14+ point win; not necessarily an easy one, but still a W

Agree with me? Disagree? Just want to be mean? The comments section's right there.

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