Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reaction: Packers Fall to Lions 19-7

Who thought an interception at the one yard line could be so dangerous?

When it happened, early in the second quarter of a 7-7 game, it seemed like a momentum-changer, although not necessarily in the home team's favor.

Nonetheless, since it somehow was I'll give my reactions to today's 19-7 loss now. So, for your consideration, here they are:

1. McCarthy needs to call more pass plays:
Seriously, how many times did the offense have an opportunity to drive today before Mike McCarthy called a dumb run play. I know Eddie Lacy was good last year, but at least for now he isn't. So McCarthy, when your team has
a chance next week, please let them take advantage. Don't hold them back. 

2. The offense has to be more trustworthy:
When watching today, I can't think of a single first down that didn't surprise me. All day, Aaron Rodgers and his usually-reliable weapons just couldn't help each other out. Either a receiver would drop a nice pass or a nice pass wouldn't be made on a good route. So, I guess they should fix that. Or, you know, they could just lose again next week. Their choice.

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