Saturday, September 06, 2014

One More Look at the Packers' 2014 Schedule

I know it's only been one week, but still, I feel the need to predict the Packers' schedule right now. So, here are my assumptions for what both the best and worst case scenarios for them currently are: 

BEST: 14-2
This one's pretty obvious. When it comes down to it, Green Bay is really only an underdog in one other game, something that definitely makes them going 14-2 possible.

WORST: 11-5
In my opinion, the Pack won't lose more than once at home this season. Still, since the Lions and Bears are always tough to beat at their respective stadiums it's tough to guarantee those contests as wins, with Week 13's battle with the Patriots also falling into that category. 

Leave your comments below on how accurate you think my thoughts are.

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Brandon said...

I guess I'm a little more pessimistic right now than 14-2. It seems possible that the Packers might not be favored at Detroit in two weeks. They might not be favored against the Vikings either if that team that crushed the Rams is for real. The Packers have a lot to prove to me right now.