Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rodgers Urging Fan Base to Relax

Since Aaron Rodgers took over as their starting QB in 2008, the Packers have usually been a team who avoids big losing streaks.

With the obvious exception of last season's 0-4-1 stretch, it seems like every year the Pack find a way to put in positive months, a recurrence some fans have begun to doubt will continue with this season's troubling 1-2 start.

Nonetheless, in an article recently published by the Green Bay Press Gazette, Rodgers continued to urge that minority to "r-e-l-a-x," a message we could all probably use right now.

Yes, the schedule's gotten off to a rather ugly beginning, but since it's still been just three games anybody giving up at this point is just ridiculous. Bad games happen. It's unfortunate, but definetely not something to lose hope over. 

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Brandon said...

He's got a lot of confidence. And he's been right in the past; it usually does get better. Everything's easier to fix on offense with an MVP QB.