Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Prediction for Thursday's Packers/Seahawks Game

Since the Packers' season starts tomorrow, it seems reasonable to me to put in my prediction for the contest now. So, here it is.

Score: Seahawks 31, Packers 17:
I don't mean to put Green Bay down with that score, but yes, I do believe something like it will come to fruition.

Simply because the Seahawks are unbeatable at home. If this game was in Green Bay, it'd be another story, but since that isn't the case I just can't imagine the Pack really competing in this one. They're good, but in my eyes just not good enough to succeed in this kind of situation, as unfortunate as that likely fact is.


John Poston said...

From the beautiful Northwest....agree the Pack won't win, but I believe they'll make it more of a game than your prediction. We'll know soon! - MrP

John Poston said...

So the blogger nails it! Nice call on this one.