Saturday, September 20, 2014

Packers/Lions Final Prediction

I'm not going to lie here; I don't like that the Packers are playing in Detroit this early in the season. Nonetheless, since the contest's still happening tomorrow I'll make my final prediction now, one that I imagine most probably agree with:

Score: Packers 27, Lions 20
In recent years, it's been made clear that the Lions are a tough road opponent. But since Jordy Nelson and the defense both looked better than usual last week I can't see the Pack losing, as close as things may get. 

Simply because they're the better team. When it comes down to it, Matthew Stafford is too inconsistent to count on, while Aaron Rodgers is usually a guaranteed contributor. I won't ensure a victory, but one just seems likely. I just can't imagine Green Bay starting off another year 1-2.

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