Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Packers Listed as 1 1/2 Point Underdogs For Sunday's Lions Game

In an early prediction that blatantly shows Vegas' home-field bias, the Packers have been listed as 1 1/2 point underdogs for this Sunday's game at Ford Field. 

In their last two games this weekend, as you probably already know, both Green Bay and the Lions looked lousy, with Detroit falling 24-7 to the Panthers and the Pack barely beating the Jets. 

So, with those results now on the record, it's not surprising that the upcoming contest is expected to be close. No, that isn't necessarily the case for the right reasons, but still, since it is in fact true it seems reasonable to get excited for the divsional Week 3 meeting, one that could definetely end up affecting how the year plays out.

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Brandon said...

The line isn't too surprising. The Packers haven't looked great so far and the Lions only looked great against the Giants.