Monday, September 29, 2014

In Historic Win, The Bears Still Suck, and The Packers Win in Chicago, 38-17

No really, it was a historic win. Pretty cool.
As for the 2014 season, QB Aaron Rodgers was almost perfect (99 out of 100 according to ESPN). There are still too few receivers involved in the offense (WRs Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb were targeted on 21 of 28 pass attempts, but it was a great bounce back performance by the offensive line (though LT David Bakhtiari and C Corey Lindsey were each flagged multiple times, and the run blocking is still lacking). As far as the pass protection went, the Bears didn't record a single QB hit on defense, and I can't remember the that last happened.

The key for the offense was the pass protection, but it also helped that the Bears played a lot of zone coverage. It can be an effective scheme, though it's useless when the front four rushers can't get to the QB (see zero QB hits above). Aaron Rodgers just had to wait (he had plenty of time) for Nelson or Cobb to find the hole in the zone, and he zipped the ball to them.

This game also featured the almost unheard of stat: no punts for only the second time in NFL history. It's good for the offense, but it's also a sign that the defense had a lot of problems (496 yards of total defense allowed). And they had been pretty good in their last six quarters (second half vs. Jets, last week in Detroit).

They really didn't have an answer for TE Martellus Bennett but the poor run defense was more disturbing. They tried rookie NT Mike Pennel in the middle this week, but it was more of a problem elsewhere along the defensive line. Defenders aren't getting into the backfield and the lineman aren't clogging up the interior rushing lanes.

It was an impressive game for rookie FS HaHa Clinton-Dix. He was very active, a sure tackler, and had that huge stop on the goal line to stop the Bears from scoring before the half. He also got called for pass interference in the end zone, which was his only negative play. A week after his first career INT, he played what I thought was his best game of the season. The Packers haven't gotten much out of their recent 1st round draft picks, but Clinton-Dix is starting to show up.

Get ready for the short week as the Vikings travel to Lambeau on Thursday night. I'm really starting to hate the Thursday night games because the quality of play sucks. The short week usually favours the better team (the Packers) and they'll get some added help in the fact that the Vikings will be on the road and they might have to turn to QB Christian Ponder because QB Teddy Bridgewater is hurting.

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