Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Packers to Use Cobb on Punt Returns This Season

The Packers will use star Wide Receiver Randall Cobb on punt returns this season, the Green Bay Press Gazette reports.

Sharing the duties of the role with Cobb, excitedly, will be speedy RB DaJuan Harris, who was hurt all of last year but has excelled during the last month.

Cobb, 24, struggled on returns in 2013, often muffing high kicks in a recurring annoyance.

Still, since he is pretty quick on his feet that risk definitely seems to be one worth taking, even if doing so could (again, could; we don't know how much he's improved) occasionally result in turnovers.


Brandon said...

Unfortunately this means no Jeff Janis on returns. I expect he'll be inactive but he maybe not. He could be active for special teams coverage if they want him instead of an extra linebacker.

Jack Niemuth said...

He could returns kickoffs. This is just for punts