Thursday, June 27, 2013

Aaron Rodgers Corrects ESPN

QB Aaron Rodgers has a great Twitter account, which he doesn't use during the NFL season, but it's a way to keep up with him during the offseason. I've been tuning him out lately because he's been tweeting about the NBA Finals and I didn't watch those games, but he did catch this slip-up on ESPN.

Via Tyler Dunne at the Journal-Sentinel:

And it led to this tweet from Aaron Rodgers:
Schapp acknowledged the slip of the tongue, but it was ironic because Rodgers has taken of dim view of ESPN's on-air talent in the past and he took a swipe at Jon Gruden the tweet before.

Not that any of it matters on the field, or will even matter when ESPN smothers him with praise next season because of his elite QB status, but it's something to pass the time during the quiet NFL summer.

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