Friday, June 28, 2013's Top 100 players list ranks Rodgers sixth

In a list of the top 100 players currently in the league up on, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was ranked just sixth, something that slightly disappointed me and probably others around the web. He went #1 last year, but apparently wasn't as good this past season, in which the Pack went just 11-5. 

The five players above Rodgers were Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, J.J Watt, Calvin Johnson, and Adrian Peterson. I can understand Peterson, but why Calvin Johnson and the rest of them? The Lions aren't that good so it doesn't really matter how good one guy is, and the other three simply aren't as talented as Rodgers. Rodgers is much more consistent than those other two QBs on this list. When he loses, it's always the defense's fault. 

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