Thursday, June 20, 2013

Former Packers WR Jennings calls Rodgers "brilliant"

In an interview with ESPN Twin Cities, former Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings praised Aaron Rodgers, calling him "brilliant" and "smart."

"(He is) extremely smart, like brilliant," Jennings said. "He's just thinking about how he can beat you the next time while he's beating you the first time. That's just the way his mind works. He sees something and it's like it's stored in a memory bank and he remembers it once he sees it and he's checking at the line."

It's good to see that there's no hard feelings between the two. If Greg showed anything in this interview, it's that he can still be liked by Packers nation despite his recent departure. 

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Brandon said...

A couple weeks ago, Jennings was asked about Packer quarterbacks and he didn't mention Rodgers by name. It was seen as a slight, but after this interview, it looks like the comments made a couple weeks ago were just out of context.