Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ex-Packer Knafelc: The NFLPA needs to take care of former players

In an interview with 620 WTMJ, former Packers tight end Gary Knafelc talked about how he believes former players like him are being forgotten about and that they deserve to be taken care of by the NFLPA. 

"We don't have a voice, and I really believe the reason that we don't have a voice is that they're hoping that if we keep dying off at the rate we are, we'll be all dead and they won't have to worry about anything," he said. "The NFL Players Association has to step up and protect us, and they don't do that. "All they care about is the current players and the guys that played after 1970. The ones that played prior to that, they've kind of just forgotten entirely."

While his words are moving, the NFLPA won't do anything. I hate saying this, but they are filth. They just want the money. They couldn't care less about these former players. They only care about themselves. 

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