Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Mike McCarthy: Jolly deserves a second chance

According to NFL.com, Johnny Jolly will return to the Packers Tuesday. Jolly hasn't played with the team since 2009 due to criminal activity.  

When asked why the team was welcoming the defensive end back, Packers coach Mike McCarthy said that he believes everyone deserves a second chance:

"I think our society is built on second chances," McCarthy said Monday, via ESPNWisconscin.com. "Think how many times you look through the history of successful individuals that probably or maybe wouldn't have happened without a second chance. Every case is different. There's no absolute right way and wrong way when you evaluate every situation. I'm glad to see Johnny Jolly going through the process that he's going through. (I'm) very proud of where he is to this point. But he still has a lot in front of him."

I honestly don't care what the team does with Jolly. In my opinion, he won't contribute to the team, so they don't need him. But he still could be an asset, so if they think it's necessary to give him another chance I guess they should.

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