Thursday, June 06, 2013

Packers Harris has cyst removed from lung

According to, Packers RB DuJuan Harris recently had a "fist-sized" cyst removed from his lung. Despite the news, Harris is still expected to be fine and ready for training camp. 

"The cyst was pressing against his lung, and now he has full capacity with his lungs so he should have even more endurance and speed, so it was a blessing in disguise," Harris agent, David Lee, said. 

Doctors believe the cyst had been there for Harris' entire life and was constantly pressing against the lung. While asked about it, the running back said that he had felt pain there before but assumed it was indigestion. 

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Brandon said...

That sounds awful. He's been a successful athlete while playing through the discomfort of it. I wonder if this will make him a better player in the future.