Sunday, June 02, 2013

Rodgers: "I think we'll have a more consistent running game"

In a Q&A published earlier today by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers praised the team's offense, while also saying that he expects the running game to be more consistent in the upcoming season.

"We have three of the best (wide receivers) in the league as a combination with Jordy Nelson, James Jones  and Randall Cobb," Rodgers said. "I'm really excited about those guys, and then we've got some guys behind them who have a chance to make the team and contribute. I like our offense and I like what we can do in the passing game. And now, I think we can complement it with a more consistent running game with two stud backs we got in the draft and a former used car salesman (DuJuan Harris)."

In this case, I completely agree with #12. The possibility of the running game finally having success in 2013 is something that excites me for the first preseason game. 


Brandon said...

I think he's been spending too much time around McCarthy; he's mastered the understated comment. A more consistent running game? After drafting Eddie Lacy, who was considered the No. 1 running back in the draft, plus Franklin in the 4th, I think most people are going to expect a lot from the running game. Not just consistency.

Jack Niemuth said...

Yeah but consistency's still an improvement from last year. If they are just consistent, I won't be all that disappointed.