Monday, June 03, 2013

Packers Sam Shields signs team's RFA tender

Today, the Packers made the first step toward signing Sam Shields to a multi-year deal when they got the defensive back to sign the team's one-tear restricted free agent tender, which is reportedly worth $2.023 million. The signing locks in Shields through the 2013-2014 season, plenty of time for the team to negotiate a long-term deal. 

While Shields is a pretty good defender and a fun guy to watch, I don't want the Packers to give him too much money. He simply hasn't deserved a 7-year deal. If they give more than 4 years and $4-5 million, I'll be a little mad. In my opinion, the Packers don't necessarily need him to win. But they should still sign him. 

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Brandon said...

He seemed to have delayed this as long as he could. I'm not sure what he was waiting for. The restricted free agent market was ice cold, I can only think of WR Sanders who received a one-year offer from the Patriots, and the Steelers matched it anyway. The Pats only made the offer because of the Steelers' cap problems, but I doubt there's a team out there that wouldn't expect the Packers to match an offer for Shields.