Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Desmond Bishop signs 1-year deal with Vikings

Yesterday, multiple sources reported that recently-released Packers LB Desmond Bishop had signed a 1-year deal with the Pack's NFC North rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. This signing may be looked at as betrayal by some cheesehead fans, but it shouldn't be. Because this guy has not been productive or healthy for years now. 

I, honestly, have no idea why the Vikings signed this guy. Since it's a one-year deal, it's obviously not much of a risk. But in my opinion, Bishop's still not worth any amount of money. All he's gonna do at the MetroDome is get hurt and screw up. 

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Brandon said...

Contract terms were one-year, $1.35 million.

The Vikings really can't go wrong here. If it doesn't work out, then there's no future salary cap problems. Bishop was a useful starter in 2011 and he should be healthy after his 2012 season ending hamstring injury. If Bishop has one more great season in him, as he had in 2010, it'll probably be in 2013.

The Vikings also had a need, since they lost ILB Brinkley in free agency. Bishop lets them keep Henderson outside.

He's not a long term answer, but he won't block anyone in 2013 and comes at a reasonable price. He's a good fit for the Vikings, whereas he wasn't for the Packers because of his a big contract and backup role. He might not directly add a win to their 2013 season, but he'll help them.