Wednesday, January 08, 2014

DC Dom Capers Will (Probably) Return Next Season

Based on the way the 2013 season unfolded, I wouldn't have been shocked if the Green Bay Packers had fired defensive coordinator Dom Capers. This isn't an unequivocal statement of his return, Mike McCarthy admitted he hasn't completed his end of season evaluations, but it's pretty close to one:
I didn't think McCarthy would fire him because of the respect (see above) that he has for Capers, but I thought it was certainly possible. On defense, it's more about the players than the coaches. Capers isn't the one who's getting blocked out of a play, missing a tackle, or blowing the coverage in the secondary. The failings on defense were more about the poor talent evaluation by the personnel department than about bad coaching. Based on his track record, it's very clear that Capers knows football.

I wouldn't have objected if McCarthy looked for a new DC this offseason, but I'm not going to complain about Capers either. The results on the field will improve if GM Ted Thompson gives Capers better players at safety and on the defensive line next season.

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