Monday, January 06, 2014

For The Second Year In A Row, The Packers Are Eliminated By The 49ers

I wasn't very optimistic coming into this game. The 49ers had been playing much better over the past few weeks, and over the course of the entire season. But the return of QB Aaron Rodgers gave them a chance to win and they almost pulled off the upset.
I wrote last week that it was up to Rodgers to carry the team. While he had a pretty good game (ESPN QBR of 57.6, no turnovers, and that crazy pass to WR Randall Cobb on 4th down), as he said above, he didn't have his best game. It was statistically slightly below average for him. That's a tough burden for him, but the defense once again struggled to contain Kaepernick on the ground and if he had been more accurate on a brutally cold night, he could have done even better through the air on multiple busted coverages by the Packers. It's not a fair comparison, Rodgers isn't the one failing to contain Kaepernick in the pocket on the rush, but Kaepernick made more plays then Rodgers and it showed on the scoreboard.

I don't know if the blame should fall on Mike McCarthy's play calling or the offense (as a unit) but staying in the game (and the defense holding the 49ers to two field goals) when the offense produces literally zero in the first quarter was remarkable. It's too bad they couldn't have turned it all the way around.

Maybe it wouldn't have mattered and the 49ers could have scored a touchdown at the end, but it felt like a huge loss when the Packers settled for a field goal to tie the game at 20-20. CB Micah Hyde almost proved me wrong when he was came up just inches short on a late interception. The near missed INT/pass deflection by S Morgan Burnett on TE Vernon Davis's touchdown reception was almost another big play for the defense. Coming up short on three potential big plays in the 4th quarter made the difference.

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Homer Nods said...

Let me ask, considering the defense, permeated by injuries not only last night but throughout the season, is it possible that Capers is not the problem but in fact an asset?