Tuesday, January 07, 2014

House almost blocked the Niners game-winning field goal

Packers CB Davon House was inches away from blocking the 49ers game-winning field goal in Sunday's game, FOX Sports pointed out. House, who was great on defense throughout the contest, was able to run right to Niners Kicker Phil Dawson on the play, before diving and, amazingly, having the ball go BETWEEN his arms. 

So yea, the Packers were that close to sending the game to overtime. So now I guess we all have one more thing to be depressed about for these next few months. I mean, imagine what could've been had House's hands just been a little closer together. 


Brandon said...

Not really. He was offsides on the play and it would have been re-kicked 5 yards closer.

Jack Niemuth said...

That's better than it going in the first time