Thursday, January 23, 2014

Early 2014 Fantasy Football Preview

With the Super Bowl still to be played, a lot of football fans are not quite getting ready for 2014 just yet. However, some Green Bay fans are preparing for fantasy football next season after the bitter ending this year. So how will the top options produce once things start up again next fall?
Aaron Rodgers was obviously a fantasy football disappointment, but injuries are bound to happen from time to time. Throughout his career, he has been a very dependable and healthy quarterback solution for fantasy owners to rely on. One down season should not spoil that. Peyton Manning seems to be a machine these days, but no other quarterback other than him should be taken over Rodgers without hesitation. People are going to have personal preferences, but expect Rodgers to return to his normal top 5 fantasy status.

Green Bay was able to make the playoffs despite Rodgers missing playing time thanks in large part to rookie Eddie Lacy. The running back had to deal with some injuries in 2013, but he was able to stay on the field long enough to be one of the most productive young offensive players in the game. After finishing well within the top 10 running backs in fantasy football in 2013, expect him to be drafted anywhere from 5-10 next season. 

Jordy Nelson was once again a popular target for Aaron Rodgers in 2013. When Rodgers went down with an injury, Nelson’s fantasy football value went down as well. However, this could just open up an opportunity for people to steal Nelson a bit in 2014. His numbers might not suggested it, but he is still easily a top 10 wide receiver. 

The Packers might not have the most dynamic playmakers in the NFL, but they do have some nice fantasy football pickups who could all be considered underrated heading into 2014. This offense has a chance to be one of the best ones in the NFL, so try and target any of these 3 players fairly early on in the draft and you should be well rewarded at the end of the season.

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