Saturday, January 25, 2014

Packers CEO Murphy appears to be fine with ditching the extra point

In a recent interview with 95.3 WSCO, a sports radio based in Appleton, Wisconsin, Packers CEO Mark Murphy appeared to show support for the league's strange new proposal: ditching the extra point. 

“Its gotten to a point where our kickers are so good that its almost automatic," Murphy said. "I think this year there were 5 missed extra points out of over 1200 attempts.”

Now while I do understand why some people want to get rid of the PAT, I'm still not convinced it has to happen. I mean, people do sometimes get hurt on them and people do usually make them, but still, they're never guaranteed to be good. And also, why are we forgetting the obvious here? Football's a physical game. If people don't wanna get hurt playing it, then maybe they should consider doing something else with their lives.

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