Friday, January 10, 2014

McCarthy: I thought 2013 Packers "could have been my best team" after 5-2 start

I already pointed this out yesterday, and now it appears Mike McCarthy kinda agrees with me, as he recently said this after being asked by NBC Sports if he thought this year's Packers could've been the best he's ever coached after they got off to their 5-2 start.

“I think they could have been,” McCarthy said. “I hate doing this, especially because I call the plays. I felt that this was going to be the best offense that we’ve ever had here. I thought we were going to go past 2011. When we (came) out of the Minnesota game, I thought we really, really hit our stride because we had a couple bumps there. We got the no-huddle offense where it needed to be. We changed a lot of the mechanics from the past."

While I still consider this season a success, I have to say that I'm disappointed with the fact that it wasn't as successful as it could've been. I mean really, injuries completely screwed the Packers in 2013. I guarantee you, had they stayed healthy, they definitely would've gotten at least the NFC's 2 seed. 

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Brandon said...

When I read this, I think of Eddie Lacy. McCarthy seems absolutely giddy about what his offense can do with the true power back he's probably wanted forever.

As for injuries, as much as it hurt their regular season record, and losing Clay Matthews is never a plus, thanks to the weak NFC North at least they had a chance. It was right there in the 4th quarter for them. If the offense scores a TD on their final possession and/or the defense stops the 49ers from scoring, then they're the ones playing in Carolina this weekend with a great chance to win.