Thursday, July 04, 2013

Davon House: I'll be better this year

In an interview with the Milwaukee JS, Packers CB Davon House assured fans that he'll be even better this year after playing injured for the majority of last season. 

“To me, if you think I did good last year then you have a whole other thing coming," House said. "I won’t have this harness on so it won’t slow me down. So what you saw in the preseason, Week One, there’s going to be a lot of that.”

I hope this guy's right. Last season, he seemed like a bunch of wasted talent. But that was the injured him, now we'll see the healthy him. 


Stroh said...

I'm a huge House fan. Was all over him going into the draft and thought the Packer ought to draft him as early as the 2nd. He fell due to some injury issues, but House is a very talented Press cover CB. Very much in the mold of Al Harris, but w/ more speed and ball skills and little less strong/physical. He's gonna be a player in the NFL. Love his game and the physical style of press coverage he plays.

Brandon said...

I liked what I saw from House last season as a press corner. He's a little bit bigger at 6-1 and his size seemed to give him an advantage. My only concern is whether he can stay healthy.