Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good bye readers of this blog

Yesterday, I decided that will be leaving this blog to pursue a possible sports writing career elsewhere. I loved writing here and my experiences here will definitely help me out in the future. But the offer I was given was too good to pass up so I made this difficult choice. I don't know how much my missing presence will matter here, seeing as the season's about to start and Brandon's a much better writer than me anyway. But whether I sucked or was the best thing since sliced bread, I enjoyed it. I'm hoping that the readers of this blog will leave their opinions of me in the comments box for me to read. Your opinions mean a lot to me, good or bad. I would like to thank Brandon for giving me this opportunity on his site and allowing me to post whatever whenever. Brandon, your a very talented writer with a very good blog. I consider you a friend and wish you only the best from now on. Despite my decision to leave this site as a writer, I plan to follow it and comment as much as possible. So, with that said, I say goodbye and hope all you readers out there enjoyed my writing. So long. 


NorthStarr said...

I was offline (for several months) when you joined this blog, Mr. Niemuth, and unfortunately haven't read enough of you to form a strong opinion, but I think that I've read enough since being back to be able to say that you didn't suck. :)

Best of luck to you in your career, sir.
(Can you tell us where we can find you at in the future?)

Jack Niemuth said...

While the majority of my family is from Wisconsin(the reason I'm a Packers fan), I was born in Kansas City and have many connections to the nearby Kansas State University. So, in a recent turn of events, I have started and plan to build up my new K-State blog. You can read it here: I don't know if you'll really be into the content of it for obvious reasons, I can assure you it will be very similar to the writing I've done here for the past 6 months. Also, if you really want to see my writing here at GBPB, you can just look in the archives. I have posted an article of at least a 100 words here every day since January. It's not amazing, but I want to think it was ok.

NorthStarr said...

Too bad. Was hoping it was going to be more generalized than that. What little I've read has been at least OK. As I said above, the best of luck to you.

Jack Niemuth said...

What exactly were you expecting?

Brandon said...

Jack, Thanks for all your contributions over the past several months. I've enjoyed all the daily content when I have only been posting a couple time a week. I've really appreciated it.

NorthStarr said...

@ Jack:
Exactly? Nothing specific.
But, from "to pursue a possible sports writing career " and "the offer I was given was too good to pass up," a more generalized sportswriting gig with somebody bigger, and with more exposure, than blogspot.

And, please, don't anybody take that the wrong way. It is not meant as a putdown of blogspot. Just a reflection of the fact that I'd never heard of blogspot until Brandon returned here after his stint as the manager of Acme Packing Company, and almost nobody ever seems to comment here (where are ya, APCers?). :)