Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ditka: Rodgers is the best in football

In an article recently put up on, former Bears coach and current NFL TV Analyst Mike Ditka praised Aaron Rodgers, calling him "the best guy in football."

“The guy up in Green Bay, I think is the best in football,” Ditka said of Rodgers. “But that’s my opinion. I like what he does, and I like his leadership qualities. And I think that’s the other thing you have to look at. He has to be the guy in charge. And the team has to know it."

I'm a little surprised Ditka said this, but he's always praising the Packers on Sunday NFL Countdown, so I guess it's not too wierd. I just don't get why the Packers seem to be his favorite team at times, while he should be, from a Bears fans point of view, ignoring them. But it's not too big a deal, so Rodgers should just take it as another complement. 

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