Thursday, July 25, 2013

Greg Jennings: "Everything was more cookie-cutter in Green Bay"

In an article recently published on, Vikings WR Greg Jennings caused a little controversy by calling the Packers offense a "cookie cutter offense" and saying "here, you can do you own thing." 

"It's not a free-for-all. There's structure," Jennings told the Minneapolis Star Tribune of the Vikings' attack. "But there's liberty. You can breathe. It's like, 'OK, I can do my thing.' You know what you need to do, you get it done. Whereas (in Green Bay), everything was more cookie-cutter. ... It's just different. In a good way. And not knocking what we did there. Because obviously it was successful. But here, no one's walking on egg shells."

It's a little weird to see Jennings diss the offense of the team he's played for for the past seven seasons, but I don't mind it. He'll miss the Packers when they're in the playoffs and the Vikings aren't. 

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Brandon said...

I remember one of his TD receptions in the Super Bowl was when he asked to run a different route. He noticed how Polamalu was overplaying him to one side, but it wasn't an audible, Jennings had to ask the coaches on the sidelines in between possessions. I think that might have been what he was talking about in the interview. The Vikings will let Jennings make a change on the field, if he sees something he likes from the defense.