Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Rodgers: "Harrell's really improved"

In an interview with the Green Bay Press- Gazette, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers talked about how his backup, Graham Harrell, has improved over the offseason. 

“I think he’s really improved,” Rodgers told the paper.“I think you saw it last year throughout the season as he became more comfortable. I look at him as being in the same spot that Flynn was when Flynn was in his last year with us. We’re very confident in the offense and it means more to him to be successful every day in practice like you saw just a slight shift with Matt, and it was no surprise when Matt got a chance to play how well he played.”

I'm looking forward to the game, if there is one, where Harrell gets to start. In that game we'll be able to see how good he really is. 

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Brandon said...

It's not a major issue, but I do wish the Packers had drafted someone better than Coleman to compete against Harrell for the backup job. I haven't seen enough from Harrell to believe he could be a competent emergency starter. I hope the improvement Rodgers has seen is real.