Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lions re-sign Matthew Stafford through 2017

Yesterday, the Detroit Lions announced that they had signed QB Matthew Stafford to a three-year contract extension worth a nice $53 million. $41.5 million of that is guaranteed, while Stafford will also receive a $27.5 million signing bonus. 

In my opinion, signing this guy wasn't worth paying him all that money. While Stafford is solid, he is not elite. The Lions aren't gonna win a title in these next three years. If he would've accepted less, then I'd consider this a good idea. But he didn't. They overpaid a guy that should be on his way out of there. The Lions need a new QB if they seriously want to contend. Stafford just isn't Super Bowl caliber. 

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Brandon said...

I'm not his biggest fan, but he's good enough to win with. He was rated higher by Football Outsiders last season than two recent Super Bowl winning QBs (Eli Manning, Flacco). He would look a lot better if the rest of his non-Calvin Johnson offensive teammates weren't below average. The contract looks good for the Lions too; they probably get some salary cap relief and he will be paid less annually than Flacco.