Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rodgers: "I'm not concerned about Jennings' opinions"

In an article published today over on, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers made clear to the media that he doesn't care about what Greg Jennings has said lately, and only cares about what his teammates think of him. 

"You know what, to me I’m concerned with the opinions of the guys in this locker room and the guys we have here," Rodgers said. "We have 90 guys right now. It’s exciting to be able to be one of the leaders of this football team. I’m very confident in my style, I think the guys respond well to it. It’s fun being the oldest, longest tenured guy on the team. I’ve seen a lot, been around a lot, learned a lot of lessons and I think one of the lessons you learn is you can’t control everything and you shouldn’t worry too much about the things that are said outside the building. You worry about the opinions of your teammates and how they feel about you.”

Good for him. Now I'm not an Aaron Rodgers worshiper like Greg Jennings thinks, but #12 handled this perfectly. He didn't make it bigger, he just blew it off. That's what athletes should do. 

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