Monday, July 15, 2013

Position Review: Fullback

The final position review on offense is a short one, and maybe it should have been combined with tight ends. They don't play the same role on the offense, though both play a similar role in the backfield as pass blockers, but they're probably competing for the same number of roster spots. If the Packers decide to keep an extra fullback on the roster this season, unlike in 2012 when they only kept one, it might come at the expense of an extra tight end.

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John Kuhn. While the former Pro Bowl performer might seem like a lock for the roster, his position doesn't lend itself to a long shelf life. He'll probably make the roster and remain the starter, but the end of his Packer career is coming up sooner than you might expect. He'll turn 31 in September, as he enters the final year of his contract, and GM Ted Thompson isn't known for keeping veterans into their age 30 years. Also, he didn't exactly impress last season, earning a negative ranking from Football Outsiders on running plays in a small sample size. If you enjoy chanting KUUUHHHNNN, this upcoming season might be your last chance.

Jonathan Amosa. Who knows what to expect from an undrafted rookie out of Washington, he wasn't highly regarded, but the Packers might be more interested in keeping him around if this is Kuhn's final year as a Packer. However, I doubt GM Ted Thompson is worried about developing another fullback next year if Amosa doesn't work out.

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NorthStarr said...

Fullback sure ain't what it used to be, even as recently as when William Henderson played.