Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Johnny Jolly: "I wouldn't say that I need (football), but I love it"

When asked by ESPNWisconsin if his newfound sobriety is because of his return to the NFL, Packers NT Johnny Jolly denied that speculation, but still praised the game. 

“I wouldn’t say that I need it, but I love the sport, so I want to play,” the Green Bay Packers defensive lineman said Sunday, following the first in-pads practice of training camp. “I’ve been through so much stuff, it’s made me a better person, a wiser person. There are things in life you just have to go through and learn from and I’m a better man from it now. I’m just going to keep rolling with it.”

In my opinion, Jolly is forgiven. He's clearly sorry and it's time for us all to just forgive and forget. 

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Brandon said...

Aaron Rodgers brought it up years ago that the best thing for Jolly is for him to be around his teammates and coaches. Everyone else in Jolly's life seems to be a bad influence, and it brings out the worst in him. He won't be a football player forever but returning to the Packers is probably the best place for him to get his life back on track.