Wednesday, September 11, 2013

McCarthy: "We'll stay above Harbaugh's comments"

After his starting LB, Clay Matthews, was wrongly judged and portrayed as a dirty player by the stuck up head coach of the 49ers, Jim Harbaugh, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is beginning to publicly defend #52, assuring the media that Matthews is not as horrible as Harbaugh thinks. 

“Clay Matthews is not a dirty player, by any means,” McCarthy said. “I addressed Harbaugh’s comments in the team meeting, and as always, we’ll stay above it.”

This recent attack on Matthews by Harbaugh has frustrated me. It is completely unnecessary and unprofessional for him to do what he's doing. He needs to grow up. 

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Brandon said...

That's what I expected from McCarthy. He sticks up for his player but leaves it at that.

When is the NFL going to announce the fine on Matthews? I can't imagine it'll be a suspension but I'm not happy about the delay. They were pretty quick with Suh's fine, but maybe that one was already figured out based on his previous fines/suspensions.