Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vikings WR Jennings writes "Packers Suck" on autographed helmet

Today, in another pathetic attempt to gain unnecessary publicity, former Packers WR Greg Jennings wrote the words "Packers Suck" alongside an autograph he recently gave to some unlucky fan. Why Jennings feels the need to diss his former team who did nothing but good to him is beyond me, but I think I've comprised a theory about this former Packer. This, mixed in with the accusations of "brainwashing" and shots at Rodgers over the summer are clear signs to me that this guy is insecure. I bet if he was to be traded from the Vikings to the Jets today he'd be doing the exact same thing. He'd be calling Adrian Peterson and a dictator and writing Vikings suck all over Jets helmets. Anyway, if you don't already dislike this guy as an athlete you should now. He is a joke. 

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