Friday, September 27, 2013

Response to Bleacher Report saying Brett Favre could play for weak teams this year

While scrolling through articles today looking for something to write about, I came across something truly disturbing. Apparently, one of my favorite sports sites, Bleacher Report, is reading way too deep into a recent quote by none other than former Packers QB Brett Favre's agent, Bus Cook. In the quote, Cook states that Favre is currently in great shape, and that he could play today. Subsequently, Bleacher Report went on to name all the teams that could use Brett this year. 

Now any Packers fan will tell you that Favre has unretired way too many times in his career, so to suggest that it'll happen again, especially after he's just been gone for the last two years, is dead wrong. I'm extremely disappointed BR acknowledged this. The NFL and their fans have had enough of this guy, and a great site like BR should be one of the last that writes about stuff like this. This isn't news Bleacher Report. Move on. 

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Brandon said...

The topic will drive web traffic, so I'm not surprised they wrote about it. Just because someone looks like they can still play doesn't mean they can actually play.