Thursday, September 05, 2013

The NFL Season Begins Tonight But The Packers Don't Play Until Sunday Afternoon

Tonight the Broncos are hosting the Ravens to start the NFL season. The league wanted to play this game in Baltimore instead of Denver but Peter Angelos is a jerk. I'm sure the fans in Baltimore really wanted to host the last place White Sox instead of seeing the defending Super Bowl champs in person. However, I don't really care about two AFC teams. As for the Packers, there hasn't been a lot of news this week about their upcoming game Sunday afternoon against 49ers, but here's what's been going on.

CB Casey Hayward will be held out because of his injured hamstring. His absence takes away a big play maker from the defense. Rookie CB Micah Hyde had a solid preseason, but he isn't as likely to grab an INT as Hayward. The good news is that Hayward is the only player who should miss the game.

WR Jordy Nelson will make his first appearance of the season. He didn't play during the preseason, so there should be some rust on him, but he brings an added dimension to their passing game that Jeremy Ross doesn't bring. Hypothetically, Ross should be a big play downfield threat too, but I haven't actually seen it happen in a game.

Jim Harbaugh is worried that Clay Matthews might want to hit Colin Kaepernick. Yes, this is stupid. Listening to the Around The League podcast, their theory was that this is Harbaugh's pre-game attempt to work the refs. Usually head coaches complain to the refs from the sidelines during the game, but Harbaugh is getting a head start. If they throw an early 15-yard roughing the passer flag for a hit on Kaepernick, you'll know that Harbaugh has done his job.

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