Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Packers ranked number 5 on latest ESPN Power Rankings poll

Today, ESPN.com released their latest NFL Power Rankings as the 2013 schedule heads into Week 3. On it, the 2-0 Seahawks are number 1, the 2-0 Broncos are number 2, the 1-1 49ers are number 3, the 2-0 Texans are number 4, and our 1-1 Packers are number 5. To me, these rankings seem about right. Against the 49ers, the Packers played well, but it was still obvious that they weren't gonna win. They're a good team, but not better than any of those top 4 teams. Now they'll probably get better as the season progresses, but for now number 5 is where they belong. Right now, they seem more like a team who wins divisional titles than Super Bowls. But the season did just start, so now is not the time to judge how teams will do in the postseason. But that's just what I think would happen if the the playoffs started today. 

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Brandon said...

And No. 5 in the AP Pro32. http://pro32.ap.org/poll