Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eddie Lacy's Pro Bowl Numbers

I don't know if you guys saw it, but Sunday's Pro Bowl was actually kind of legit. I mean, it was still a complete waste of the fans' and the players' time, but in the end, the QBs did throw, the defenders did tackle (one Chiefs guy even violently tackled another), and the coaches did coach. So yea, while it wasn't the best game ever, I guess I can call it watchable. 

Anyway, the only Packer who played in the game was RB Eddie Lacy, who had 7 carries for a total of 14 yards. Now those numbers aren't too great, but it was just the Pro Bowl, remember? It doesn't matter.

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Brandon said...

I haven't watched since the year B.J. Raji played (kind of a joke in of itself) and he obviously showed zero effort. In his defense, many players mailed in that game, and no one slacked off as bad as Cam Newton during his first Pro Bowl.

It did sound a little more interesting this year.